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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Don't say goodbye

So, tomorrow I have to say goodbye to my laptop which has accompanied me through the last couple of weeks, pack up and leave the sanctity that is my bedroom and step out into the bog, wide world... well, fore 5 days, anyway. And, if I'm honest, I'm quite looking forward to meeting a couple of new mates, talking with 'old' mates and, generally, having a laugh. All to the backdrop of a free week at university, and free nights out. It could be the school trip that I always dreamed of, but never happened. With mother, step-brothers and other restrictions out fo the way, I might actually be able to have some fun, rather than having to hold back. Maybe I'll tell someone how I feel about them, or, maybe, I'll be a changed man. I hope, I pray.

Well, as you may have read, I probably won't be able to update this dear old blog for at least 5 days whilst I'm away, so you might as well forget about coming here after about Wednesday, then, Friday night/ Saturday morning, I'll be kciking back into action and, seeing as I'm taking a couple of notepads with me, you'll be able to read the 'Uni Journals'. I'll probably spend all night writing it, wake up in the morning and realise that all of it is poorly punctuated, illegible mess, which is unusable in any form. That's the problem with being a genius - your handwriting suffers.

So, I've got everything I need. Credit on my phone, MP3 player stocked up on tunes to get me through the week, Harry Potter and The Order of the Pheonix, notepads, clothes and all. And this is just for 5 days away from home. If I didn't have an organised Mother, I'd only be taking a toothbrush and a couple of chewits. The joys of being hand weened through every last situation are underrated.

If we have internet connection, you can probably expect a nightly update from me, recapping the day and have me pouring out my emotions, as usual. If not, then there will be a stony silence amongst this place.

And, just before I go to empty my drawers, I'll leave a list of aims to fufil during my time, and I'll assess whether I've reached them when I get back...

- Get over it
You know what I mean
-Make new mates
Clich├ęd as hell, but, dammit, I want to converse with different people
-Sucessfully make a daily diary
I'm poor at recalling events, so this could be a perfect oppurtunity to try and make my story telling more vibrant
-Ask Mario just what the hell he's doing with Danielle
She's a bitch, he admits it, asks her back out. Twice.
-Make Jamie less camp
He's the most feminine bloke I know. And he's one of my best mates. Something's up.
-Read Most of 'The Order of the Pheonix'
I wanty to read Great expectations and Animal Fam when I get back, you see

Goodbye, my Blog, see you soon (I hope)

'What became of the dreams we had?'


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