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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Back to reality...

It's often been said that starting a peice of writing is the worst part of it all, and shapes the way it pans out, and how far into it the writer gets - I am very much a subvscriber of that theory, and the numbers of times I have scrapped grandiose ideas after the first line is beyond count. I have, in fact, attempted to start this entry about 5 times now, and still I can't get it to go right. It's the same feeling when I'm bored - I';ve got so much to do (or say, in this case), but, for some reason, I don't want to do anything. Under any normal circumstrances, I'd simply let this blog entry slide, let the memories ebb away until I had the momentum to put my emotions down into readable form, but, the more I put it off, the angrier I get and the worse I feel which, in turn, makes me less ablke to write. It's a vicious cycle, and one in
which everybody loses, so I think I'll try and reverse that in the coming paragraphs.

It's been a marvelous few days, and, if I ever have the chance to repeat such an experience, I damn well will. The week has awoken me to what iut means to have a social life (of sorts), and what it's like to be yourself, without many shackles or restrictions. Being able to mess around in your corridor with total strangers and have such intensity of fun is amazing. On my floor were 2 close friends (alwin and Jamie, for reference) and 3 lads who we thought were Geordie (plainly due to the haircuts), but turned out to be Blink 182 loving, Dirty Sanchez re-enacting crazy boys who wanted nothoing more than a good time. Which, surprsingly, led to a few good times. And not in the sexual sense, either (as far as I know). I left death threats on their beds, tried to break into their rooms when one of their 'close friends' (who happened to be female) was having a shower, attempted to kick open locked doors and a hell of a lot of laughs.

There were a number of other people, aside from the obvious 'old friends' of Jamie, Mario and Alwin, that made my days bright, and my laughs many. Matthew and Liam were 2 such people, and having such people to talk to the vitues of Funeral for a Friend to, and to be able to fall back upon such people like I've known them for several years is quite a nice quality, considering the event only lasted 5 days in total. There are numerous others, also, that I have talked to and share memories with but, if I go into every ast detail, I'll start lying, and tripping over myself.
It's just that this trip has opened my eyes to the brilliance in people - the fact that not every teen feels the need to listen a certain genre of music, and that not everyone thinks that Burberry is the heoight of coolness. Never once did I feel vunerable, lonely or such. Even when wondering around by myself, passing gangs of youths in and around campus. For some reason, student stride in my step, it felt perfectly okay walking around like a normal person. Maybe it was the limited independance that did it for me, or maybe the 'holiday' feel that it all had, which made me feel very much like a tourist in my own city.

There was one thing that made this visit extremely special, though - the girls. Every turn of the head, every square centimetre of teh campus was brimming with brilliant looking ladies, which really raises the pros of university. In reality, though, I was never going to 'get it on' with anyone in a week. Typically, it takes me a while to get used to my surroundings, the people and the stmosphere before I can start trying to interact and form any form of friendship - for example, when I moved from my native Bradford to Manchester, it took me about 2 years to start to make friends outside of my step-brothers and step-cousins and, partially, their immediate mates. For the last 3-4 years, I've been my crazy self, and, at uni, it was much the same. Until about Wednesday, I was usually silent in presence of others, but, from then on, it was back tpo me being my usual self, making impressions, making friends and, to be basic, having all-out fun. If itr lasted for another week, I don't doubt that I'd have fufilled a personal aim of mine, and have 'got the girl'. Well, I'd have made an impression of some sort.

Well, after wittering on for a while and going into little specific, I think I might as well list a few of my favourite moments on campus, for memories sake.

'Want another Pringle?'
Me being next door to Jamie was never going to mean peace and quiet. Having bought a pack of pringles for the movies, and only devoured 1/10 of its contents, it was time to use them for good. Jamies friend Jenni had come around to talk to him, Alwin was in, and I had Pringles. Hence, a variety of ways of me knocking on Jamies door and asking him if he wanted a pringle, whilst he hoped for piece. Ranging from the straight forward forthright asking, to leaving notes, to simply placing pringles at the door, even leading to a Tic-Tac varient, it was quiet memorable, with Alwin joining the cause about halfway through. Throughy memorable, and will likely beconme and 'in joke' in coming years.

Oriental Woman
All the rooms have phones, which have their own individual extension numbers. One misdialled number, one crazy Oriental woman and tracers being put on phone calls soon lead, and, after several stabs at it, I finally got my call through to Alwin.

Death Threat
Mentioned before but still ranks up their. One of the Geordie Scousers was out, and left his door open. I realised this, snook into his room and left him a death threat. The next morning I was quizzed about it and confessed - apparently, he'd been scared about it all night, and asked several others about it in the morning, much to his bemusemant.

During the visit, the aim was to design and build a robot capable of completing the easiest of tasks. Our group was split into two, and the other side were done within the first few hours whilstr ours struggled along. They eventually won and we got third place, which was nice. But Colin, a member of the other team, with nothing to do other than waste away his time, constantly updated the rooms PC with the latest messages. Favourites include 'Kev is an Evil Genius' and 'Our robot had a late scare'. May not directly involve me, but makes me laugh nevertheless

Carling Advert-esque football
Final night, everyone is ready for the disco, the lads find a ball. I take my shoes off for nets, and all hell breaks lose. A short, waste away the time kick about turns into a 30 man brawl as students (male and female), supervisors and ambassadors all join in, much like the Carling advert being shown on TV (with that infectious song being played throughout), with random kicks, feet and heads being thrown into any situation. Quite legendary.
Well, I've written enough to settle me back in and, soon, you'll get extracts from the Jopurnal i tried to write whilst I was there.
"oh, how I cherish you my love"


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